TruCon 2016: The Future of American Strength

In a time of heightened security, limited resources, and serious questions about America’s role on the world stage, the need for Truman Center for National Policy and the Truman National Security Project is greater than ever before. TruCon16—Truman’s annual conference—will be held from Thursday June 23rd to Sunday June 26th at the Washington Plaza. TruCon brings together our community’s nationwide membership of post-9/11 veterans, frontline civilians, policy experts, and political professionals who share a common vision of U.S. leadership abroad. We would like to invite you will be a part of this dialogue.

At Truman, we believe that our people are the answer. Hailing from 16 chapters and 47 different states across the nation, the men and women in our community believe in a strong, smart, and principled foreign policy that sees the United States leading a growing community of nations towards shared security and prosperity. Because we believe that pluralism is among our nation’s greatest strengths, we recruit and organize leaders from all walks of life with diverse educational backgrounds, professional skills, and life experiences. Our members are currently executing U.S. foreign policy on the ground, running for office across the country, and serving in high-impact positions in the government, private, and nonprofit sectors to implement the ideas that will help shape the next century.

At this year’s TruCon, we are bringing this team together to not only articulate our answers to the foreign policy and national security challenges and opportunities of our day, but to determine how and where we will fight for our values in the 2016 election. We are excited to invite you to join us on Friday June 24th, when TruCon will be open to the public and the media. Our program is set to feature a wide range of distinguished speakers and panels discussing how the United States can best leverage all the tools of national power—additions to the schedule are forthcoming, so please stay tuned for updates.