The Hill: Climate Change is a Global Security Threat

Leo Cruz, a Truman Project Partner and Iraqi War Veteran, discusses how climate change affects the US armed forces and poses a national security issue in an op-ed that appeared in The Hill.

Severe drought. Record heat waves. Extreme storms. Food and water shortages. Mass migrations. These are but a few of the dangerous effects of climate change, and they have very real implications for those whose primary mission it is to protect our national security.  

As a former Navy gunnery officer who served in the Persian Gulf during the Iraq War, I was trained to act in the face of a threat. As a solutions-focused institution, the U.S. military is renowned for confronting new security challenges head on – and today we, as a nation and as a military, face one of the biggest national security threats in our history.  Climate change is a global security threat that cannot be confined to national borders; it will require an entire generation answering a call to action to address this threat.

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