Real Clear Sports: A Modest First-Pitch Proposal for MLB

Truman Project Defense Council member Butch Bracknell discusses how Major League Baseball honors veterans and why they and other heroes should throw first pitches at baseball games, instead of just picking celebrities.

Dear Commissioner Selig,

The San Diego Padres honoured Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter by asking him to throw out the first pitch at Petco Park on June 22. Carpenter, a Marine infantryman grievously wounded on a rooftop in Afghanistan while covering up a grenade thrown by enemy forces in Afghanistan, saved the life of a fellow Marine. The Padres recognized this offer of his life for the sake of a teammate as the ultimate act of sportsmanship, team play, and sacrifice, befitting the best tradition not only of baseball, but of our national ethos. Carpenter’s first pitch ceremony was stately and dignified, like our national pastime.

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