21st Century Security: A Framework for American Leadership in the World

Now more than ever, America needs a clearly defined and articulated vision of our role in a changing world. Truman’s community of post 9/11 veterans, frontline civilians, and policy practitioners have come together to put forward a shared vision of how to utilize all of America’s unique hard and soft power capabilities to lead towards a safer, more prosperous world.

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Our Ideas: The Framework


21st Century Frontlines.

The 21st century is marked by blurring borders, contested spaces, fragile and failing states, the proliferation of dangerous technologies…

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Shared Prosperity in a Global Economy.

Our future depends upon securing the American middle class, the engine of our democratic strength and economic power…

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Strong & Resilient Communities.

America must make renewed investments in the physical and social infrastructure that unifies our communities and ensures our domestic security…

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Strategic Leaders for a Changing World.

America’s capacity for reinvention, driven by talent from every walk of life, is our greatest strategic advantage...

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Our Approach: The 4-Ds

Effective American leadership in the 21st century requires us to employ every tool of global engagement to seize opportunities for progress and resolve complex challenges. Truman refers to this as the 4-D approach – where America leverages its Defense, Diplomatic, Development and Democratic engagement tools to lead towards a safer, more prosperous world.

Policy Papers

Keeping the Lights On

Untangling the Complexity of Fragile States

fragile state paper front
A Call for a New Strategic Approach to Fragile States