Reactions to "'An Open Letter To Fox News About 'Boobs On The Ground'"

Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld of Fox News made some disparaging remarks about United Arab Emirates Air Force Major Mariam Al Mansouri, questioning if her participation in air strikes against ISIS would be considered "boobs on the ground."

Reaction from the Truman Project community has been swift and decisive.

We believe that sexism has no place in the public discourse; we are a community centered on common values that include equality and respect. Given the track record of casual but pervasive sexism at Fox News, it seemed that Mr. Bolling and Mr. Gutfeld needed to be told that their remarks were both classless and harmful. Many of the veterans in our community wrote an open letter to let Major Al Mansouri know that even if these commentators didn’t take her service seriously, we appreciate anyone willing to put their life on the line to counter the transnational security threat that is ISIS.

Dear Mr. Bolling and Mr. Gutfeld,

We are veterans of the United States armed forces, and we are writing to inform you that your remarks about United Arab Emirates Air Force Major Mariam Al Mansouri were unwarranted, offensive, and fundamentally opposed to what the military taught us to stand for.

First, foremost, and most obvious to everyone other than yourselves, your remarks were immensely inappropriate...Read more

60 veteran leaders from across the country signed onto the letter.

The public reaction to the letter has been overwhelming positive thus far.

In total, Talking Points Memo (the original publisher), Business Insider, and Jezebel have seen 1,000,000+ individual page views; many other outlets have also reposted or done write-ups of the letter.

A huge thanks to the veterans who stood up and made their voice heard and to all those supporters who shared the letter. Together we are taking a strong stance against sexism—not just because men and women are equal partners in national security, but because to sit quietly in the face of the public mockery of a hero goes against what America stands for.

Photo credit [The National UAE]