TruCon15 in the News

TruCon15 ran June 25th - 28th, and the on-the-record events attracted a lot of media attention.

Acting Under Secretary of Defense Brad R. CarsonBrad R. Carson speaks at TruCon15 in front of a CNP backdrop.

6/25/15, The Washington Times: Pentagon to improve retention of women, rank advancement, by Jacqueline Klimas, mentions Truman Project


Vice President Biden

6/26/15, WGST (Atlanta, GA radio): Joe Biden Speaks at Truman National Security Project Conference, mentions Truman Project


Rep. Seth Moulton

7/7/15, WBUR (Boston NPR): Rep. Seth Moulton, Iraq War Vet And Rookie Politician, Adapts To New Role In Congress, by Asma Khalid, mentions Truman Project


Jake Sullivan

7/8/15, Foreign Policy: Meet the Democrats Who Can Make or Break Obama’s Nuclear Deal, by John Hudson, mentions Truman Project and Jake Sullivan, Fellow


leigh oneill and colin kahl trucon15Colin Kahl

6/26/15, Bloomberg View: Real Deadline for Iran Deal is July 9, by Josh Rogin, mentions Truman Project 

6/30/15, Breitbart: Iran Nuke Talks Deadline Officially Pushed Back to July 7, by Jordan Schachtel, mentions Truman Project



Gov. Martin O'Malley

Gov. O'Malley speaks at a podium at TruCon15.6/26/15, TIME: Martin O’Malley’s Foreign Policy Vision: It’s the Economy, by Sam Frizell, mentions Truman Project

6/26/15, Defense One: Meet Martin O’Malley, Hillary Clinton’s Latest Unlikely National Security Critic, by Molly O’Toole, mentions Truman Project

6/26/15, CBS News: O'Malley: Boots on the ground vs. ISIS could be "counterproductive", by Hannah Fraser-Chanpong, mentions Truman Project

6/26/15, Inside Sources: The Martin O’Malley Speech You Almost Certainly Missed, by Graham Vyse, mentions Truman Project

6/26/15, AP: O'Malley: Islamic State a result of 'mindless rush to war', by Ken Thomas, mentions Truman Project

6/26/15, CSPAN: Former Governor Martin O’Malley National Security, mentions Truman Project 

6/26/15, The American Conservative: O’Malley’s Conventional Foreign Policy, by Daniel Larison, mentions Truman Project

6/26/15, The Washington Times: Martin O’Malley hits Hillary Clinton with Benghazi attack, faults ‘Twitter’ diplomacy, by S.A. Miller, mentions Truman Project

6/26/15, Reason: Martin O'Malley and the Liberal Hawks, by Jesse Walker, mentions Truman Project

6/26/15, KCRW (Santa Monica, CA; NPR): mention of O’Malley at TruCon15, mentions Truman Project 

6/26/15, KLIV (San Jose, CA; NBC Radio): mention of O’Malley's comments on Iraq at TruCon15, mentions Truman Project

Screenshot of a tweet from Martin O'Malley with the hashtag TruCon15.

Pre-Conference Announcements

6/25/15, Wall Street Journal: Capital Journal Daybreak, mentions Truman Project (Biden)

6/25/15, Defense One: D-Brief, by Ben Watson, mentions Truman Project (Carson, Kaine, Biden, O’Malley)

6/26/15, Defense One: D-Brief, by Ben Watson, mentions Truman Project (O’Malley)

6/26/15, Politico: Playbook, by Mike Allen, mentions Truman Project (O’Malley)

6/26/15, Wall Street Journal: Capital Journal Daybreak, mentions Truman Project (O’Malley)

6/26/15, ABC News: Notables, by Michael Falcone, mentions Truman Project (O’Malley)

6/27/15, Politico: Playbook, by Mike Allen, mentions Truman Project (Kahl)