Pres. Obama, Sec. Kerry Host Truman Project Veterans to Talk Iran Deal at White House

WASHINGTON, D.C. — This morning, military veterans who are members of the Truman National Security Project joined President Obama and Secretary Kerry for a small-group meeting at the White House to discuss the Iran deal.

Truman recently released a nationwide television ad, “Learn,” featuring Iraq War veterans urging Congress to support the deal. One of the stars of the ad, Terron Sims II, attended the White House meeting today.

Truman Project Executive Director Michael Breen said after the meeting:

This is not a debate about message testing and talking points; there are tremendous risks and costs when it comes to weighing this issue. Men and women who have served on the front lines in and out of uniform since 9/11 understand two things: Iran is a serious threat that cannot get a nuclear weapon, and military conflict to ensure that goal would carry tremendous cost. This is a time for responsible leadership, not tough talk. I was privileged to talk to President Obama and Secretary Kerry, who have shown time and again that they're willing to listen and understand the sacrifice that would be required if diplomacy fails--they are clearly committed to tough, principled diplomacy as the first option, with force as the last.

In the last two years alone, Truman Project members have written more than 60 op-eds on the Iran deal, appearing in newspapers in 33 states. They have also been interviewed by local and national outlets, participated in public forums, and briefed Members of Congress and other stakeholders on the deal.

In addition to Breen and Sims, the other Truman Project veterans who attended were Kate Hoit, Nathan Fletcher, Alex Horton, and Zach Iscol. All have been active in leadership of veterans’ causes and organizations. Bios of all participants are below.

The Truman National Security Project unites next-generation veteran, political, and policy leaders to develop and advance strong, smart, and principled solutions to America’s global challenges.

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Michael Breen is the Executive Director of the Truman National Security Project. A decorated former Army officer, he served in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Nathan Fletcher is a member of the Advisory Board of the Truman National Security Project. He is a Marine Corps combat veteran of the Iraq War and a former California State Assemblyman.

Terron Sims II, a graduate of West Point, served in the 1st Squadron, 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment in Baghdad and Wasit Province during Operation Iraqi Freedom from May 2003 to July 2004. As a civilian, he now works on veterans policy issues.

Kate Hoit is Director of Communications for Got Your 6. She joined the U.S. Army Reserve at 17 and served for eight years - including time as an Army photojournalist in Balad, Iraq from 2004-2005.

Zach Iscol served in the infantry and special operations as a Marine, and built one of the first highly successful Iraqi military units in Al Anbar province in 2004 and fought in the second battle of Fallujah.  Subsequently, he built and ran the Recruiting, Screening, Assessment, and Selection Pipeline for US Marine Corps, Special Operations. He is the CEO/founder of

Alex Horton is the communications and branding manager for The Mission Continues. He deployed to Iraq as an infantryman in 2006 with the Army's Third Stryker Brigade, Second Infantry Division for a fifteen month tour, where his unit saw some of the heaviest fighting during the troop surge in 2007 in Baghdad and Diyala Province.