Truman Leadership Search Update

Dear Truman community,

We are writing to update you on the search process for a President and CEO to lead Truman Center and Truman Project forward at a critical time for our nation.

Our broad community of passionate patriots could not be better positioned to contribute to our national security, shared prosperity, and leadership role in the world. This organization has grown from a small gathering of like-minded policy practitioners to something far more powerful: We have scaled to a community of more than 1,800 policy, political, veteran, and frontline civilian professionals, spread across 16 Chapters and 47 states, who are willing to fight for a stronger, smarter vision of American leadership. Additionally, we have 12 members of the Truman family running for Congress, and more than 55 of you have stepped forward to run for office at all levels this cycle.

In short, Truman has never been stronger—and we have the leadership and efforts of so many among our community to thank for that. We are particularly grateful to our outgoing President and CEO, Michael Breen. Thank you, Mike, for all you have done. The foundation that he built for this organization and our community will continue to help drive our success into the future. And in this period of transition, we are also thankful to have a leader as strong as Bishop Garrison to guide the organization as Interim Executive Director.

The President and CEO search is being conducted by a committee comprised of members from both Truman Center and Truman Project’s governing boards, chaired by longtime board member Stephen Bailey. Stephen’s leadership at ExecOnline—as well as his having served as CEO of two companies, his experience advising senior leaders of a wide range of organizations, and his deep involvement with Truman from its founding days—make him ideally equipped for this role. The board’s combined search committee will also seek input from Truman’s Member Advisory Board committee, leaders in the national security ecosystem, and most importantly, all of you in the Truman community. We have charged the committee to consult broadly with the community for recommendations and ideas. Stephen and the selection committee will share more information about the committee and selection process in the near future.

We are eager to solicit your suggestions and thoughts on the search process and possible candidates. The strength of Truman lies in its exceptional community; we want to draw heavily on your experience, expertise, vision, and views throughout this process. As always, please reach out to members of the board directly with your thoughts. To facilitate the process, we have also set up an email address for thoughts, comments, and nominations of candidates to be passed directly to the selection committee; you can reach us at

This search comes at a challenging but auspicious time for our community. Not that long ago, progressives and other supporters of a liberal internationalist worldview had little voice on issues of national security.  The debate was largely dominated by those who demanded military-first, military only options or others who urged withdrawal and isolation. Now, in the context of the great challenges we face—among them rising rivals around the world, faceless and border-defying threats, and President Trump’s retreat from basic American values—our role has never been more important.

We look forward to the search, and to continuing to shape U.S. national security and foreign policy in the years to come. We will also be in touch with all of you with more specific details of the search committee’s makeup and process soon.


The Boards of Directors of the Truman Center and Truman Project