About Truman

We are a nationwide community, forged in the aftermath of 9/11, fighting for America's promise on the battlefield, along the campaign trail, and in the halls of government.

Our community’s nationwide membership of post-9/11 veterans, frontline civilians, policy experts, and political professionals share a common vision of U.S. leadership abroad. Hailing from 16 Chapters and 47 different states across the nation, more than 1,600 Truman members believe in a strong, smart, and principled foreign policy that sees the United States leading a growing community of nations towards shared security and prosperity. We believe that America is at its best when we use all the tools in our toolbox: Diplomacy, defense, development, and democracy promotion.

Truman Center for National Policy, with our sister organization Truman National Security Project, identifies, trains, and positions leaders across America who share this worldview. We bring our members together with our partners and advisors to deliver concrete solutions to pressing global challenges for leaders at the local, state, and national levels, and we coordinate their action nationwide to shape the debate, fight for policy change, and support rising leaders who share our values.

What We Stand For